Tejassws Prakash’s health detoriates while contestants perform stunts with their friends

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The episode begins with contestants getting a surprise from Rohit Shetty. The contestant’s friends join them for an exhilarating episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi 10. Next, we see a preview of the upcoming episode. Rohit welcomes everyone for Darr Aur Dosti special episode. Karan introduces Abhishek Verma who is his best friend. They enact a funny scene in from of the audience and Karan makes Abhishek hold a reptile. Also Read – Khatron Ke Khiladi 10, 11 July 2020 written update: Dharmesh becomes the first finalist; Tejasswi Prakash faints during the ticket to finale stunt

Dharmesh introduces Kuwar Amarjeet Singh. Karishma introduces Salman Yusuff Khan and Karan pokes fun at her. Rohit puts Karishma and Salman through a test. Rohit has fun with them. Rohit talks to Smiriti who is here to support Shivin. Balraj introduces Shaleen Bhanot. Their camaraderie is hilarious. Rohit makes Shaleen and Amar dance. He makes Shaleen dance with a snake. Shaleen, snake and Amar groove together. Tejasswi introduces to Kabir who met them on the sets of her first TV show. Also Read – Khatron Ke Khiladi 10: ‘Picture abhi baaki hai,’ Karan Patel opens up on the finale of the season

Rohit talks about the next stunt. He warns them that the one who loses would get fear fanda. The stunt will be performed by contestants and their partners. There’s a hoop spring in which the contestants will have to climb with the help of special shows. The stunts will be performed by Shivin-Smiriti, Karishma-Salman and Balraj-Shaleen. Also Read – Hina Khan and Sidharth Shukla to team up for THIS show?

Shivin-Smiriti begins the task. Shivin is sliding down after a while he started performing. Contestants cheer Shivin. Smiriti starts sliding down. Rohit guides Smiriti. Shivin gives Smiriti a push only to abort the stunt towards the end. Next to perform are Shaleen and Balraj. After a little difficulty, they start performing better. Shaleen aborts the stunt.

The last to perform are Karishma and Salman. They are going steady in their stunt. They complete the stunt and get all three flags.

The Score stands Shivin-Smiriti perform the stunt till 3:51 while Karishma and Salman completed the stunt in 2:03 seconds. Shaleen-Balraj aborted the stunt at 1:50 seconds. Rohit takes the contestants to a new location for their next stunt. Karishma and Salman perform a dance act.

Next, the stunt would be performed by Tejasswi and Karan with their friends. The contestants and their partner would be sitting on a table with their heads inside a box. They have to transfer a key to their friend via their mouth. They have to unlock four locks. The twist includes that the box would be filled with surprise. The order would be decided by a game. They have to play pass the parcel in which the parcel is a bullfrog. Karan wins the game and sends Tejasswi first to perform the stunt.

Tejasswi, however, gives up and reasons that she is not feeling well. Tejasswi reveals that her body has given up and that she cannot perform the stunt. Tears well up in Tejasswi’s eyes and Rohit tries cheering her. Kabir cheers her up and they finally are ready to perform.

The stunt begins and the stuntman put lizards and more little crawlies in their boxes. Tejasswi and Kabir perform it brilliantly. Karan and Abhishek perform it next. Stuntmen put lizards and other creepy crawlies in the box. Karan shivers throughout the performance. Rohit reveals that there is a difference of 7 seconds. Tejasswi and Kabir completed the stunt in 1:40 seconds while Karan and Abhishek took 1:33 seconds so Karan is safe and Tejasswi gets the fear fanda.

Dharmesh and Amar also perform the stunt. Rohit reveals that the next stunt will be performed by Tejasswi Prakash and Shivin Narang along with their friends. The stunt will be performed by both contestants together. One of the contestants would be up on a dilapidated building. That contestant would take a crowbar and unlock it and throw it to the other one. The other one has to open a box and detonate a pull key. After which a blast will occur throwing the first contestant off the building and leave him hanging in the air.

Shivin says he will stand up while Smiriti will detonate the bomb whereas Tejasswi opts to detonate the bomb and sends Kabir up. Both Shivin and Kabir begin the stunt. Kabir throws the crowbar first and throws it towards Tejasswi. Shivin struggles with the key. Tejasswi begins opening the crates. Shivin finally throws the crowbar and Smiriti begins arranging the boxes. Tejasswi completes the stunt. And Shivin is sent to the elimination stunt.

The episode ends.

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