Raises unsettling questions, but its repetitive nature snuffs out some of the mystery

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Netflix is known for its docuseries. In fact, not as many of its web series originals carry the same high ratings with the same frequency as its docuseries do (of course, the frequency between the two being churned out is vastly different, but, the quality of their documentary web series is impressive all the same). Now, the premiere OTT platform is back with the return of Unsolved Mysteries, 14 seasons and ten years later, breaking away from the earlier weekly format meant for TV, and though the 15th season isn’t in the same league as some of the best ones of the show neither is it among Netflix’s best docuseries, like Tiger King and Trial by Media released this year itself, it still lives up to its name to an extent, and that, coupled with the fact that there are only six episodes, are enough to engage you to the end. Also Read – The Old Guard movie review: A bunch of poor man’s Wolverines blend together for some low-key entertainment

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What’s it about

Unsolved Mysteries, like the previous seasons, details unnerving, unbelievable, real-life or paranormal occurrences the world over that remain unsolved to this day, with first-hand eye-witness accounts and testimonies of common people as well as law enforcement agencies and other authorities closely associated with the case. Also Read – Wasp Network movie review: Penelope Cruz, Edgar Ramirez and Wagner Moura’s spy thriller is like Raazi minus the suspense

What’s hot

Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries carries an unsettling aura through its entirety and makes you ponder about the reasons why such crimes haven’t been solved for years or why certain strange phenomena remain unanswered decades later. In short, it raises questions, leaves them unanswered and remains shrouded in mystery. So mission accomplished to that effect.

What’s not

Five out of six episodes are about unsolved murders and possible suspects or missing perpetrators, which gives the web series a repetitive feel after some time. A bit more variety, like the terrific fifth episode, which all but convinces us of a UFO spotting in a county in Massachusetts, America, was needed. Nevertheless, the first, third and fourth episodes present very engaging murder mysteries. If only the second and final episodes went in a different direction, the show would’ve been even better.

BL Verdict

Netflix’s revival of Unsolved Mysteries may not match up to the erstwhile best seasons of the legendary show nor is it in the same league as its other docuseries of 2020 like Tiger King and Trial by Media. However, it does enough to keep you engaged with some unsettling murder mysteries and an eerie paranormal phenomena, asking more questions than offering answers, thus keeping you sufficiently engaged and living up to its title. I’m going with 3 out of 5 stars.

Rating :3 out of 53 Star Rating

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