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Nia Sharma won the first ever, limited edition of Khatron Ke Khiladi: Made in India. She was competing against Jasmin Bhasin and Karan Wahi in the finale stunt. Nia Sharma then won it against Karan Wahi whom she considered as her biggest competition. Both Nia Sharma and Karan Wahi were from season 8. Recently, the actress spoke about her journey and her win in Khatron Ke Khiladi – Made In India. In an interview with the Indian Express, Nia Sharma spoke about how important was this win for her. She said, “My last show (Naagin 4) ended abruptly, and that’s when I got a call for this show. Given it’s my favourite show, I signed it in the blink of an eye. Initially, I was excited about what outfits I would wear, how I would do my hair. Since it was happening in Mumbai, we got to have our own team. I don’t know what happened mid-way, and I decided that I want to win the show. It became my life’s agenda. I would be celebrating when I won, and devastated when I lost a task. Honestly, I would be zoned out while on the set focusing just on the tasks. I think I wanted it so badly that I manifested the trophy in my life. People might want to dilute the success calling it mini-series but I know what we have all gone through.” Also Read – Khatron Ke Khiladi — Made In India: Rohit Shetty reveals the STRONGEST contestant, and no, it’s not show winner Nia Sharma

She also spoke about her co-contestants considering her as fearless. She shared, “I am so glad that it came across. Honestly, more than fearless, it was the energy of people around me. Everyone would put their faith in me and tell me that I am going to kill it. It was pressurising but that also somehow pushed me. I also believe that luck plays a big factor. I knew Jay Bhanushali and Karan Wahi were the toughest. Jay unfortunately got eliminated just before the finale. As for Wahi, he performed exceptionally well in the final task. And seeing him, I just went berserk as I wanted to win it so desperately.” Nia Sharma had earlier fought with Aly Goni for quitting the stunts. She also spoke about it and said, “I think I never saw aborting as an option. It was very clear that you will not die while doing a task. The most, you might get a few injuries. So what’s the harm in trying? I would get jitters when I had to perform water stunts but this season, I went ahead and aced it. I think I took strength from my season’s contestants a lot. Not even one task was aborted by us. So I came with that belief, and of course I focused, learnt and unlearnt a few things.” Also Read – Khatron Ke Khiladi — Made In India, 30th August 2020 written update: Nia Sharma wins the first ever, limited-edition, India-centric trophy

She also spoke about the one thing that she learnt from Khatron Ke Khiladi – Made In India. She said, “After winning the show, I don’t think I ever want to lose again. As for learning, I have realised the importance of focus and being calm. A little bit of patience can take you far ahead.” Also Read – Khatron Ke Khiladi — Made In India, 29th August 2020 written update: Karan Wahi movie to the final 5 while two contestants get eliminated

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