Jasmin Bhasin and Karan Wahi are the only two marked safe among a trio of deadly stunts

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Today’s episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi: Made in India lived up to the first half of its title in every sense. Three deadly stunts (nope, we’re not exaggerating) were presented to the contestants by host Rohit Shetty, and such were their difficulty that only two, Jasmin Bhasin and Karan Wahi, escaped safe from elimination scenarios in the immediate future, and that, too, by the skin of their teeth. A heartwarming tribute, accompanied by a magnanimous gesture by Rohit Shetty, were also a part of the episode. So, in case you missed it, fret not because we’ve got all the latest updates right here. Read on… Also Read – Khatron Ke Khiladi — Made In India contestant Karan Wahi on the new normal: Hugs and kisses can be done once corona is over

Water-tank stunt

The first stunt involved two placing a pair of contestants in a tank, one chained with multiple locks and the other facing them suspended from above while water rises steadily. Before the water submerges them both, leading to failure of the task, the suspended contestant needs to direct their chained compatriot to move their finger over a pattern lock overhead, each time providing a new 4-digit code that the chained contestant has to use to unlock each bolt of their chain till she/he is completely free, and then proceeds to unfasten her/his suspended co-contestant. Also Read – Khatron Ke Khiladi Made In India, 9 August 2020 written update: Rithivik Dhanjani quits the show for personal reasons

The two pairs of contestants chosen for the task are Nia Sharma-Haarsh Limbachiyaa and Karan Wahi-Bharti Singh. While the former complete the task in 6 minutes and 20 seconds, the latter take 5 minutes and 40 seconds, giving the first pair the ignominy of wearing the fear bands. Also Read – Khatron Ke Khiladi-Made In India: Jay Bhanushali says Mahhi Vij is happy to see him on the show [Exclusive]

Tribute to Laathi Ajji

A special tribute segment is held for the 85-year old grandmother, who’s gone viral on social media for her amazing stick-wielding skills like that of a warrior, doing all this in the heat of the sun, by the roadside, to feed her family. Rohit Shetty announced that henceforth, he’ll be feeding her and her family for a year, on the condition that she teaches the skill to all the girls in her area, since he’s well aware that she won’t take his aid for free. Ajji then throws a challenge to the contestants to emulate her skill, but with everyone coming up short, host Rohit Shetty tries his hand at it, coming the closest to doing it.

Garbage-sludge task

The next task comprised one contestant being dipped in a water pit filled with waste matter, with their head sticking above, through a clamp fixed to a cubical passage, while their partner climbed through said passage in a bid to unhook the clamp. The trick through is that the second contestant has to compete with the passage floor laden with oil and intermittent bouts of muddy water gushing through, not to mention the almost intolerable stench of the garbage all around.

The first pair to try the task is Jay Bhanushali and Jasmin Bhasin, with Jasmin repeatedly attempting but failing to climb. The pair kept at it for 20 minutes but couldn’t accomplish the task. Aly Goni and Karan Patel were up next, with thr former making a roaring start, and it looked like that they would easily win. However, just before they could see it through, Karan shouted, “Abort,” later explaining that the gush of muddy water flooded his nose due to which he was unable to breathe, thus making Jay and Jasmin the winners by default.

Elevated-cable stunt

The third stunt, coincidentally, required the two pairs of contestants that won didn’t face the unenviable prospect of receiving the fear bands. The pairs were mixed up though, with Jay Bhanushali and Bharti Singh going first for a task where Jay stood on a highly elevated platform while Bharti remained suspened on cable and being swung like a pendulum as she needed to grab seven flags, in the order they were attached. Easier said than done, Bharti was finding it visibly difficult to reach the flags, ending up with five before she was too tired to continue.

On the other hand, Karan Wahi took time to find a strategy to push a swinging Jasmin Bhasin, with her missing her direction several occasions. Nevertheless, they managed to complete the task, inevitably handing the fear bands to Jay and Bharti, and ensuring they’re in the safe zone.

Let’s see who among the unsafe contestants, if any, will be eliminated tomorrow.

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