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Aayush Shah has worked in various TV shows like Uttaran, Suryaputra Karn, Navya, Mahabharat to name a few. The actor began his journey with the film, My Friend Ganesha 2, and has come a long way since. recently got in touch with the actor. In a lengthy exclusive interview, he opened up on his acting journey, memories of shooting and more. We also asked the actor his take on nepotism since it is one of the hottest topics in the entertainment sector these days. Aayush had an interesting take on it. Also Read – Aayush Shah REVEALS the name of the Uttaran costar he had a crush on [Exclusive]

“I would not like to call it nepotism. I would also not like to call it favouritism, but I would term it as preference,” Aayush began, adding that it exists not only in the entertainment industry, but everywhere. “In any given field, there are preferences. If I have my own company and if I connect well with someone, I would want to work with the same actor or a director with whom I connect well.” Also Read – RIP Sushant Singh Rajput: Uttaran actor Aayush Shah opens up on his missed opportunity to work with the Chhichhore actor [Exclusive]

“If we look at any media house or an XYZ corporate field, If I am working in the company and someone is looking to hire someone, I would recommend people I know. Even in the industry, if a producer and director has worked with an actor before, and if there’s a demand in which the actor fits the bill, he would definitely go for that actor. And I feel there is nothing wrong in it,” he added.

However, he also said that one gets a preference only when he/she fits the bill. “You get the preference only when it is the director’s demand and you fit the bill. Nobody would cast me if I am good friends with someone. Why would he spoil his project just because he knows me? He cannot change his script just for me, right? And sometimes, even the stars match the project and they bag the role. But that’s a preference.”

On nepotism, Aayush said that it is the starkids’ destiny to be born in that family. “That’s destiny. If he/she is a starkid, it is their destiny to be born in that family. Even they have the pressure to perform. Even if they make their debut, if they cannot perform, they may get one or two chances. No one will give them opportunities again and again. It is not in anybody’s hand to decide in which family they can be born. In the end, it is the audience who would decide who they like.”

Aayush also added that the audience has become smarter and are selective in the kind of content they now want to watch.

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