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Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has triggered a debate of nepotism, lobbying, group-ism in the Hindi Film Industry. The nepotism debate began with Kangana Ranaut when years ago she had called out Karan Johar on his show Koffee With Karan. The actress has now opened up on the same in an interview with Pinkvilla. She opened up on her journey and how she faced backlash since the beginning of her career. “When I came into the films from the very beginning, I faced it, all of that, but I never thought it can be so fatal you know. In the beginning, I never had the idea of the graveness of it. I felt that it is one of those obstacles. Whether it is coming from a small village or not being able to speak English or having never seen films itself. There have been many challenges and I felt maybe nepotism is one of those that I can override and turn it into my favour and it wasn’t always in play but it only became very toxic and life-threatening when I became the top star,” Kangana Ranaut told Pinkvilla. Also Read – Taapsee Pannu digs out an old video of Kangana Ranaut defending star kids and their privilege, calling it ‘quota system’

She said that people would kill in the industry for success. She also opened how earlier it was not stars and being related to a celebrity that mattered but talent. “That is the time I realised that it is not very difficult to be successful but to remain successful because of the competition. People who will even get you killed to get your place will go to any lengths and I do feel that nepotism in our industry has become very toxic in this generation. Earlier the way the country was, most people were self-made. People were very poor. Even the stories that our parents tell us. Privileged people are very few and far. There were of course but now with the kind of society we are in, the kind of industry we are in, 90% of the people kind of belong to film families. They are either friends or they are from the close-knit circle,” Also Read – Anurag Kashyap shares old, “scary interview” of Kangana Ranaut; says, ‘Can’t recognise her anymore’

Kangana had a retrospection and realised, “Honestly, I do feel like I started a premature talk on it. When I spoke to Karan about it, I was just kind of teasing him, pulling his leg. Had I known these people are so dangerous, had I known it would cause death, had I known it is not just something to joke about or tease about, it is just not something about snatching films. It is not only about films, it is also about vengeance, the sadism of the human psyche. I had not done it or taken it so lightly because I think I took it lightly then I was attacked in a way that they went for me. They tried to put criminal cases on me, they tried to sabotage my brands, and my films and my whole brand came crashing before Manikarnika. I think that discouraged Sushant in a huge way who was supporting me and then this is what happened. I think I should have known the graveness of it and even what happened has discouraged many and it just became movie, film gossip and nepotism. Nothing concrete came out of my first attempt to bring awareness. I tried to bring awareness and not fight it. But this time around what has happened has shaken me and to be honest, I cannot stop feeling bad about it especially because he has been complaining about bullying and you cannot not see it you know, so I think I would have been more prepared. I don’t feel great about it but this just is how it happened and I wish we could have saved that life. Someone had written about it,” Also Read – Kangana Ranaut vs Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhasker: All you need to know about the ongoing Twitter war

“People must have seen that nasty video where Karan Johar is asking me to get out of the film industry and somebody said that had somebody told him, stopped him and questioned him then and there had it not been such a huge applaud and roaring response from the audience, we would have saved Sushant. I too believe in that, it’s nothing but true but I think we as a society failed,” she added.

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