Dharmesh becomes the first finalist; Tejasswi Prakash faints during the ticket to finale stunt

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Tonight’s episode begins with a precap and a short clip of today’s episode. Next, we see contestants rolling out all exhausted from their stunts. Rohit lauds Tejasswi for her Ticket To Finale Stunt. He next states that there would be a dynamic stunt after which the winner would compete with Tejasswi for the finale. In the stunt, the performer has to drive a car through a narrow lane and then drive reverse. There are a few yellow cones which they have to not touch. The first three hits to the yellow cones would be barred, however, when hit the fourth cone, the car would blast automatically. Either way, Rohit will blast the car. Also Read – Khatron Ke Khiladi 10: ‘Picture abhi baaki hai,’ Karan Patel opens up on the finale of the season

Balraj Syal and Karan Patel will perform. Balraj takes the lead and Karan will go second. Balraj begins the stunt and hits 3 yellow cones. The car blasts when Balraj hits the fourth yellow cone. The stunt ends. Rohit pulls Balraj’s leg and they have a good laugh. Karan begins his stunt with full zest, vigor and confidence. However, he takes the wrong turns and moves out of the narrow lane. He finally, takes the right turn after a lot of contemplation. He adjusts his care straight and takes reverse slowly and completes the stunt successfully. Also Read – Hina Khan and Sidharth Shukla to team up for THIS show?

Dharmesh pulls Karan and Balraj’s leg and the rest of them have fun. Karan will join Tejasswi for the stunt of the ticket to finale’s final stunt. Rohit has some fun with Karishma and contestants with some fun tongue twisters. Also Read – Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 contestant Rani Chatterjee files harassment case against 60-year-old man; threatens to end her life

Rohit takes the contestants to a new location. This stunt is an aerial one where a platform is hoisted up in the air in the middle of a lake. One contestant would be on the platform. When the platform starts rotating the contestant will have to take out a total of five flags attached to poles. He has to return to the spot and take out a rope and jump in the lake. Dharmesh is the first to perform the stunt. Dharmesh takes out all 5 flags and completes the stunt. He performs the stunt very well. Rohit praises Dharmesh.

Next to perform the stunt is Shivin Narang. Shivin gets dizzy. The platform starts rotating and Shivin is stuck. Karan and Balrah try to guide him through the stunt. Dharmesh prompts him to walk sideways but Shivin doesn’t let the rope go. Rohit and other contestants are frustrated with Shivin not performing the stunt. Rohit calls out everyone for saying that stunts are rigged. Shivin doesn’t even jump in the water but he is dizzy. Karishma takes the lead while Shivin is still on the platform. Shivin sits on the lower platform while Karishma performs on the rotating platform. Rohit and contestants laugh at Shivin’s plight. Karishma pulls all 4 flags and slides down the rope. She reaches the second platform where Shivin is still stuck. She takes out the fifth flag and jumps without Shivin.

Rohit talks to Shivin and he narrates his situation. Rohit announces that Dharmesh won the stunt and they had a difference of just 9 seconds. Karan, Tejasswi, and Dharmesh will perform the ticket to finale stunt. Rohit has fun with Tejasswi. After some fun, it’s time for the stunt. This stunt has no time limit. A tube, filled with water has 15 flags. The performer has to take out the stunt but there’s a twist. It will have a vacuum pressure. The stunt will cause some disorientation for a while after being sucked out of the tube. Tejasswi, Karan and Dharmesh will perform the stunt, in that order.

After a while, Tejasswi struggles to hold her breath. She is pulled out and Tejasswi is a little traumatised. Next to perform the stunt is Karan. Karan has claustrophobia yet he performs the stunt. Dharmesh will perform the stunt next. Tejasswi stayed underwater for 20 seconds and takes out 4 flags. Karan stayed 16 seconds and took 3 flags and Dharmesh stayed 30 seconds and took out 12 flags. Rohit informs everyone that their stunt guy stayed in the tube for 40 seconds and took out just 4 flags.

Dharmesh becomes the first finalist.

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